Delaney was a pleasure to work with! Her bright, positive attitude made me feel good about the whole process.


Changing lifestyle and eating habits can be kind of intimidating at first. It was nice to have Delany to encourage me along the way. She helped me figure out a nutrition & wellness plan that was right for me & my health issues. The recipes & tips she shared were great! I would definitely like to have Delaney as a Nutrition Consultant again!


Thank you for all your hard work Delaney! Much appreciated!


Arroyo Grande, Ca.

I was really having trouble keeping balanced after I discovered I had thyroid issues a couple years back. I was still feeling tired, nauseous, and all around low.


Then I found Delaney.


Her calm caring professionalism and her deep knowledge of whole health changed everything for me! I've really never felt so good.


She not only helped me to identify how I can alter my lifestyle but she has helped me on my road to empowerment. I now feel that I have control of my life.


I am so thankful for her help!


Santa Cruz, Ca. 

I wanted to share some of my experience regarding how important mindset really is in the healing process. I am nearing my exit from the program. When I signed on I was so sick I couldn’t work, stand for too long or even walk to my barn in my back yard and was about 15 lbs underweight. Yesterday , I rode not one but 2 horses, and hiked 3 miles in the woods up and down hills and have gained about 12 lbs!!! None of this would have been possible if I had not changed my thoughts, beliefs and mindset. 

Thank you Dr Jason Klop, Dr Lauren SteinmanDelaney Puhek and Jessie for always being there through my journey!!


GI Restoration Program

I wanted to say "thank you" to all of you who have been riding alongside me on this journey! I know that we all understand one another, even if our paths look different in many ways. After having chronic health issues for almost 25 years, one of the most important things I have learned on this journey is the importance of having people who understand you and care and believe you can heal. This group has been an incredible support to me! Thank you, Dr. Lauren SteinmanDelaney Puhek and Dr. Jason Klop for all of your support and sincere care, and for the amazing program you are running. And I wanted to share this picture of a wall in my bedroom that I see every morning as I wake up. My vision board is in the middle, and each week after the Mindset calls I have written the word of the week that Delaney has given us and posted it around my vision board. This helps me each morning to take a few moments and reflect on the things I learned in the call and be reminded of the things I am trying to stay focused on. This has helped me a lot on my journey over the past few months. I want to wish everyone here who is on the healing journey the very best of blessings. Keep pressing forward through the hard times and know that things will get better as you continue to work toward healing. We are all in this together! I will continue to be blessed by many of you on the Mindset calls for a while as I move into the continuation program and am able to keep learning and growing with you! 💗


GI Restoration Program

Delaney is a wonderful, approachable and knowledgeable nutrition consultant who helped me address my challenges with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes.

She analyzed my current diet and gave me candid feedback about choices that weren’t aiding me.  She provided me food options (and greatrecipes) that I could incorporate into my life and put me to put me on the right track.  

She helped me clarify and document my goals and gave me a tool to track my progress.   In follow-up meetings, she would check in to help me address the challenges I was facing and provided feedback and encouragement. 

After meetings, where I had questions, she would send me additional information or research. 


Her "holistic" approach (and experience as a yoga teacher/meditation instructor) made me more aware of how my stress, emotions and activity level were contributing to my health.  


For me it has been powerful.  My weight and blood pressure have gone down.  I feel better… and I feel better about myself.  It's changing my life.  


Berkeley, Ca.

Delaney has been wonderful, kind, and thoughtful in not only treating the ailments or trying to reach the goals of those she works with, but she also does more than just looking at the nutrition.

I started working with Delaney for more than 6 months ago. I was in a dangerous state in which I was living off of protein shakes and very little else, and also was addicted to spending over an hour a day at the gym. My husband and I were also dealing with infertility (lack of estrogen hormonal) issues. Delaney created a custom meal plan to help balance out the progesterone and estrogen levels, and she also had me incorporate wonderful practices into my daily life. No tv during meal time with hubby, cut back on days a week at the gym, journaling, etc. Delaney was so supportive through the transitional process, and I really appreciated her attention to not only the nutritional side but also the wellness element and its importance in balancing our lives. Happy to say, my husband and I are expecting our first child together and I truly believe that it wouldn't have happened if Delaney hadn't have made those suggestions to alter my lifestyle and diet. She truly is a breath of fresh air.


Santa Cruz, Ca. 

When I started I had off and on blood with my poop. I had severe diarrhea. When I woke up I would go 2 to 3 times within 15 min. I wake up overnight to go to the bathroom. During the day I would go to the bathroom as soon as I ate or drank something. Every time I went to the bathroom it came with severe cramping. Cramping so bad that we have called the ambulance or we made the trip to the ER. I had a huge fear of going away. Scared of not having a bathroom accessible and scared for the longer drives sinds I might not make it on time which has happened numerous times.

I am about 6 weeks in the program now. In the 6 weeks I have been doing so well. Yes. I am still on the SCD diet. I am still learning which foods I react on or not but ... I am barely cramping anymore. I feel have I have more energy and happier. And I go 2 to 3 times to the bathroom. I am starting to be less stressful. And taking as things come. I am so happy where I am at right now. And I am sooo excited what the next 6 weeks is going to do for me! 
Don't feel discouraged if you have a bad day. I have had many. I have cried many tears. Those tears still come but they are happy tears. 
But with the help of Jason, Lauren and Delaney we are all going to get there. It might take one a week longer then the next. But we all will get there.


Thank You Jason, Lauren and Delaney. 


GI Restoration Program

This is my last week in the GI Restoration program. Thank you to the entire team for your guidance and support. A special thank you to Dr. Lauren and Delaney, with whom I interacted the most.


If not for this program, who knows when or if I ever would have been diagnosed with hydrogen sulfide SIBO. I had the same flatline SIBO test result 6 years ago and was told by my conventional gastroenterologist that I didn't have SIBO. I had a SIBO test in 2016 and was told by my functional medicine MD that I didn't have SIBO. Based on what I now know, I believe I've had SIBO for at least 15 years, maybe even 20.

I'm still dealing with constipation (most likely due to mold toxicity damaging my migrating motor complex (MMC)), but my mental fatigue and overall energy have improved significantly. I no longer experience GERD and gastritis symptoms. And just last night, I discovered what I need to do to sleep better—yoga nidra—which helped me sustain a "state of being" so that I could get out of my head and drift off to sleep.


Thanks again, Delaney.

I'm excited to see which of my longstanding food sensitivities resolve, as I continue the food reintroduction process I've recently begun.

I've done a lot of mindset work in the past, but I learned a lot from Delaney. I have new tools in my toolbox and a renewed commitment to keep at it.


Good luck to all the current and future program participants! I wish you the very best with your healing journey!


GI Restoration Program

Working with Delaney has helped me become the happier, healthier version of myself that I knew was still nestled deep down inside the inflammation, pain, and fatigue that I had been experiencing for the last two years of my life. 

I will always be indebted to her for teaching me the difference between eating healthily and eating for MY own health.

Thank you for supporting me to become a better version of myself and helping me do it with self-love and kindness along the way!


Santa Cruz, Ca.

Hi everyone! I too am graduating from the program in a few days and I am celebrating this wonderful milestone :). I'd like to thank Dr Lauren and Delaney for guiding me through this process and constant support, Dr Jason for making this program available and establishing such a wonderful sense of community, and all of you 'team mates' for sharing your insights and support <3. During my journey, I have healed my SIBO and I have also developed a much better relationship with my body and mind.


[Delaney's] weekly mindset calls have really helped me become much more self aware and provided me with tools to manage stress and any symptoms that pop up. It wasn't always easy and some days I worried I wasn't going to heal, but the mindset work and everyone's support and encouragement helped me stay positive and now I'm here!!! You've all been a constant in my life for the past months and I am going to miss seeing your wonderful faces and posts :) As you continue your journey, remember what Delaney tells us, 'No mud No Lotus' -- well I got my Lotus and so will you <3.


As I continue my journey I plan to join the continuation group in the New year and hopefully I will see some of you there. Take care everyone and thank you for all your support. Big hugs :)


GI Restoration Program

Hello Everyone! My time here in this group is coming to an end as I am about to graduate and I just wanted to share a bit before I go. The very first thing about this program that excited me was the feeling of support I was given and the validation that I felt. It can be so debilitating to live with chronic pain/symptoms that really only you experience. People don't see or understand your struggles and often times will just throw an unhelpful pill or diet at your problem. I always felt very isolated and sometimes even crazy trying to make others understand my pain. The best part about this group is that you don't have to even try to convince anyone, they already know. They hear you and they see you. That was my first step in healing: feeling validated, understood and accepted. Since that time I have come to make such great connections with everyone on the team, in the program and with myself. I've learned so much about being mindful that has stuck with me to this day and I'm thankful for learning the lesson that life is always a journey and we are always growing. There is so much less pressure when you realize that you don't have to have it all figured out and it's okay to NOT be okay. Being a perfectionist can cause so much rigidity in my mind, but I am learning to fly with the wings of mindfulness and compassion. Forgiving myself every step of the way, and learning to forgive others too. Letting go of the disordered eating and seeing food in a whole new light. My soul is forever grateful for the knowledge I have learned here and the support I constantly received. My husband is also happy to have a wife who listens as much as she talks now😜 I also want to point out that I no longer suffer as greatly from my chronic symptoms (nausea, gas, bloating, extreme anxiety, diarrhea,etc.). Although there are still days when I have these symptoms, they are fewer and farther between. To anyone new joining, just know that it is all worth it and you will get out what you've put in. Give yourself grace and face your fears because the rewards are bountiful! Thank you to all of the beautiful souls who have inspired me, encouraged me, made me laugh and made me cry. You are all a true depiction of courage and strength. Keep fighting the good fight❤️ Finally, thank you so much Delaney PuhekLauren SteinmanJason KlopMarlene Maljaars and the whole team for helping me find my strength, self love and healing. You are all so brilliant and wonderful, many blessings to you all!!☺️🥰


GI Restoration Program

Dear fellow health and healing sojourners, just wanted to let you know I am moving on to the Momentum Group and I am looking forward to connecting with many of you there. My deepest thanks and appreciation go to Dr Steinman, Delaney, Marlene, and Dr Klop for helping me to heal in so many ways. I definitely have not arrived but am doing so much better than when I began this program. 
Delaney, the mindset work has been invaluable to me. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and experience with us. Dr Steinman, you are a rock. So steady and so knowledgeable, and always made me feel validated and cared for. Marlene, you keep everything running smoothly and were always there to help with techy issues. Dr Klop, thank you for putting such an amazing team together (including Dr Mal). I applaud you. 
And fellow travellers, I have so enjoyed getting to know some of you better and have benefitted from your “shares”. I wish each of you the best of health, with much healing. Looking forward to reconnecting on the other side. Blessings. With much gratefulness, and a full heart, Pam.


GI Restoration Program

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